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• Reaction Kettles for pharmacuticals • Batch pasteurisers
• Ice cream mix ageing tanks • Separator for whey and curds
• Float operated balance tanks for packing m/c
• Jacketted multi purpose vats stationary & Tilting type

Batch Pasteurisers

Batch Pasteurisers
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1000 KG

Functional requirement

It would be used for heating  products like milk , sugar syrup,etc.
Design parameter Batch Size : 80 % of Volume

Material input Temperature (mini) 4 deg.C

Heating Temperature (Maxi) : 150 C

Batch Time : 35 min

Heating Medium : Live Saturated Steam of 3.0 Kg/sq.cm pressure
Inner shell

The inner shell with cylindrical body, dished  end  bottom and reinforced brim shall be fabricated from 6.0 mm thick s.s. conforming to AISI 304.

Intermediate shell

The intermediate shell with cylindrical body, dished end bottom shall be fabricated from  6.0 mm thick m.s. conforming to I.S.226.

Outer shell
The outer shell with cylindrical body, conical  bottom  shall be fabricated from 2.0mm thick s.s. conforming to AISI 304

100 mm. Thick , crown 150 resin bonded fibre glasswool shall be applied in between the outer and intermediate shell.


Two nos. of semicircular removable covers of 2.0 mm thick and s.s. girder of  4.0 mm thick to support the covers and geared motor.


S.S. Sweeping type agitator with vertical mounting geared motor of  20 rpm & 1.0 h.p.

Steam inlet

The steam inlet connection shall end outside in a flange and counterflange but without valves.

Condensate outlet

It shall be provided with strainer, steam strap, sight glass and by-pass arrangement.


A manual airvent shall be provided at the top most portion of the steam jacket

A suitable thermowell shall be provided  for fixing stem type thermometer to measure the temperature of the product.

Product Outlet-

Bottom outlet :Dia 51mm  plug type valve

TESTING Hydro test  for jacket shell - 6 kg /sq.Cm.
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Refrigeration Plant Accessories

• Ammonia valves • Condenser coils
• Ice cans • Agitators
• Receivers • Ammonia compressors

Cream  Ripening Tank

Cream Ripening Tank
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Functional requirement

Cream having fat content of 40 - 45 % will be ripened &
Stored in this tank.



1000 / 2000   Litres


Height  : 3025  mm. ,  Width  ( dia ):  1610  mm.             

Constructional Features

Vertical,  tripple walled, insulated and welded construction of sanitary design.

Inner Body A.I.S.I. 304 quality,  2.0  mm thk
Intermediate shell A.I.S.I. 304 quality,  2.0  mm thk

First layer   :  25 mm thk glasswool
Second layer & Third  layer  :  50 mm thk thermocole

Outer Body A.I.S.I. 304 quality,  2.0  mm thk
Outlet Dia 38 mm cup type, fitted with plug valve at a height 450 mm from floor level.
Inlet No foam type dia 38 mm fitted with no-foam bend at top  side
Airvent S.S. 304 dia. 100 mm complete holes.

Insulated, round shaped  provided at top side, complete with nitrile rubber gasket

Sample Cock 1/2” BSP (M),sanitary design
Thermowell 3/4” BSP (F) ,250 mm long provided at bottom side.
Sight &Light Glass Dia 125 mm,complete with toughened glass & hood
Agitator S.S. sweeping  type, Vertical mounting, low rpm, with solid shaft  &  and heavy duty blades.
Spray Ball Dia 100 mm spray balls (optional)
Level Marks Sand blasted/ etched at 200 L interval
Lifting Lugs 2 nos. provided at top side
Side Ladder Removable type, fabricated out of  3/4” NB ms pipe
Sprinkler pipe 25 mm dia s.s. pipe ring with sparger holes  should be provided at the top of the jacket for sprinkling  hot/ chilled water on the outer surface of the inner tank. Also steam sparger pipe at the bottom jacket shall be provided. 
Legs 4 nos.conical legs fabricated out of s. s. sheet& fitted with adjustable ballfeet.
Surface Finish Inside S. S. surface polished to 150 grits

S.S. stem type 100 mm. dia.

Tilting Pan
Tilting Pan
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  We also offer our clients with the steam heated tilting pan with the following specifications
Purpose : To prepare a uniform mix for cooking vegetables at a temp of 100 „aC to 110 „aC
Design parameters : Heating Medium : Live Steam of 3.kg/sq.cm Design pressure of the jacket : 6 kg/ sq- cm The volume of the pan measured 100 mm below the brim shall be of 500 ltrs. The pan shall be double walled and jacketed construction
Required services : Steam : Live Steam Of 3.0 Kg/Sq.Cm Electric power :3 phase, 415 V, 50 hz, A/C Supply
Tilting arrangement of the pan :
Two heavy duty hollow shaft shall be welded to the jacket and this shafts shall be supported on the stand through bush bearing. The stand shall have four legs and these legs will have footings for grouting in the foundation. The material of the stand shall be of s.s 304.

Heating Of Pan
Heating shall be provided to the pan by feeding live steam at 2 to 2.5 kg/ sq-cm to the jacket and the condensate shall be discharged out from the bottom most part of the jacket and it shall be complete with steam trap and by-pass valve.
C. I. P. Tanks
CIP Tanks
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-3000 L     

Constructional features
The tank will  be of double walled, insulated and sanitary design
Scope of supply

Inner shell :
The inner shell and conical bottom should be made from 2 mm thk. Stainless steel plate conforming to AISI 316  .



75 mm thk , Crown 150 fibre glass wool.

Outer shell

The outer shell & bottom should be made of 2 mm thk. stainless steel plate conforming to AISI 304
Accessories :  

Legs :

4 nos    stainless steel legs with  with ball feet provided



Half - openable three piece covers on top made from s.s. 304 sheet. The center portion should be fix type &  s.s.304  /  2.5 mm thk


Cip return Inlet:

Dia.51 mm s.s.304 pipe, provided at  at top.

Water  Inlet:

Dia.51 mm s.s.304 pipe, provided at  at top.

Side Outlet :

Dia.51 mm s.s.304 pipe

Over flow:

Dia.51 mm s.s.304 pipe for overflow at top

Drain :

S.S.304 pipe at the bottom of conical end

Thermo - well

¾’’ BSP  Process connection
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