Batch Pasteurisers

: 1000 KG
Functional requirement
: It would be used for heating products like milk, sugar syrup, etc.
Design parameter
: Batch Size : 80 % of Volume
Material input Temperature (mini) 4 deg. C
Heating Temperature (Maxi) : 150 C
Batch Time : 35 min
Heating Medium : Live Saturated Steam of 3.0 Kg/ pressure
Inner shell
: The inner shell with cylindrical body, dished end bottom and reinforced brim shall be fabricated from 6.0 mm thick s.s. conforming to AISI 304.
Intermediate shell
: The intermediate shell with cylindrical body, dished end bottom shall be fabricated from 6.0 mm thick ms conforming to IS 226.
Outer shell
The outer shell with cylindrical body, conical bottom shall be fabricated from 2.0mm thick ss conforming to AISI 304
: 100 mm. Thick, crown 150 resin bonded fibre glasswool shall be applied in between the outer and intermediate shell.
: Two nos. of semicircular removable covers of 2.0 mm thick and s.s. girder of 4.0 mm thick to support the covers and geared motor.
: SS Sweeping type agitator with vertical mounting geared motor of 20 rpm & 1.0 hp.
Steam inlet
: The steam inlet connection shall end outside in a flange and counterflange but without valves.
Condensate outlet
: It shall be provided with strainer, steam strap, sight glass and by-pass arrangement.
: A manual airvent shall be provided at the top most portion of the steam jacket
A suitable thermowell shall be provided for fixing stem type thermometer to measure the temperature of the product.
Product Outlet
: Bottom outlet :Dia 51mm plug type valve
: Hydro test for jacket shell - 6 kg /sq.Cm.
Batch Pasteurisers

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