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Tilting Pans

We also offer our clients with the steam heated tilting pan with the following specifications

Purpose :
To prepare a uniform mix for cooking vegetables at a temp of 1000c to 1100c

Design parameters :
Heating Medium : Live Steam of 3.kg/sq.cm Design pressure of the jacket : 6 kg/ sq-cm The volume of the pan measured 100 mm below the brim shall be of 500 ltrs. The pan shall be double walled and jacketed construction

Required services :
Steam : Live Steam Of 3.0 Kg/Sq.Cm Electric power :3 phase, 415 V, 50 hz, A/C Supply

Tilting arrangement of the pan :
Two heavy duty hollow shaft shall be welded to the jacket and this shafts shall be supported on the stand through bush bearing. The stand shall have four legs and these legs will have footings for grouting in the foundation. The material of the stand shall be of SS 304.

Heating Of Pan :
Heating shall be provided to the pan by feeding live steam at 2 to 2.5 kg/ sq-cm to the jacket and the condensate shall be discharged out from the bottom most part of the jacket and it shall be complete with steam trap and by-pass valve.

Tilting Pans

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