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• Milk Chillers & Pasteurisers • Horizontal Insulated Milk Storage Tanks
• Vertical Insulated Milk Storage Tanks • Milk Silos
• Cream Rippening Tanks • Cream Separators - Inline Type
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Milk Chiller
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We also offer our clients with the steam heated tilting pan with the following specifications -

To prepare a uniform mix for cooking vegetables at a temp of 100 aC to 110 aC

Design parameters :

Heating Medium : Live Steam of Design pressure of the jacket : 6 kg / sq- cm. The volume of the pan measured 100 mm below the brim shall be of 500 ltrs. The pan shall be double walled and jacketed construction

Required services
Steam : Live Steam Of 3.0 Kg / Sq. Cm Electric power : 3 phase, 415 V, 50 hz, A/C Supply

Tilting arrangement of the pan
Two heavy duty hollow shaft shall be welded to the jacket and this shafts shall be supported on the stand through bush bearing. The stand shall have four legs and these legs will have footings for grouting in the foundation. The material of the stand shall be of s.s 304.
Heating Of Pan

Heating shall be provided to the pan by feeding live steam at 2 to 2.5 kg/ sq-cm to the jacket and the condensate shall be discharged out from the bottom most part of the jacket and it shall be complete with steam trap and by-pass valve.




Milk Pasteuriser
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1000 LPH



 H . T. S. T  ( P - 22  type )

Temp. Prog.
(SINGLE  programme)


Duty I      30 -  50 –  80 - 55 - 35 – 4 degree . C,



S.S. 304

Heat transfer area/ plate


0.12 sq. mtr

Total Heat transfer area


  8.16sq. mtr

No. Of plates



Plate Thickness



Chilling   media


Chilled water at 1.5 degree.C, @ 3 times the milk flow

Heating   media


Hot  water at  85 degree .C, @ 2 times the milk flow

 Heat  Regeneration    



Pressure drop


Shall be minimum and party to specify the same.



20 seconds, in pipe tubes.



Foodgrade quality  NBR capable of withstanding high temp . of 80 degree  C. & 2 % caustic solution.



For all inlets & outlets of PHE  and each pocket shall be provided  with  s.s. guard of at least 200 mm length and glass thermometer.




The supporting frame shall be  of self supporting type. The frame & pressure plate of the unit shall be cladded with ss 304  and  will be provided with adjustable  ball feet.


Inlets & outlets


The inlets & outlets in each section for products as well as services shall be provided  with complete   SMS unions.




 One no. “ C “ Spanner
 One no.  bolt tightening  spanner.


Drawings  &  Manuals


Two sets of plate diagram  details & Instruction  manual



Milk Inline Strainer
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The general arrangement of the equipment shall be as per the above image

Tube In Tube Type

Functional Requirement

It will be installed in milk pipelines



5000  Lph , 38 / 51 mm ( Inlet / Outlet )        
10000 Lph , 51 / 63 mm ( Inlet / Outlet )


Constructional Features

Casing for 5,000 LPH
S.S.304 ,Dia 76 mm pipe( as outer pipe)


Casing for 10,000 LPH
S.S.304 ,Dia 101 mm pipe( as outer pipe)


Inlet / Outlet
With union complete of   S.M.S. type


Filtering Element

S.S  18 guage perforated  screen of 1mm / 1.5 mm holes having ring at both ends. ( as inner strainer )
Element dia  :
For 5,000 LPH    63.5 mm x 250 mm long.
For 10,000 LPH  70 mm x 250 mm long.


Blank Nut

S.S 304 grooved blank size -76 SMS fitted at opposite to the inlet end for easy removal of filtering element for cleaning .

Milk Silo
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Storage of raw chilled milk at 4 deg. C

Capacity & Dimensions


Capacity in litres

Overall Dia. mm

Overall height. mm

Overall weight kg

Agitator H.P.
20,000 2824 4405 3200 2.0
30,000 3060 5654 5000 3.0
40,000 3060 6954 5600 3.0
60,000 3810 7200 7800 Air Agitat
1,00,000 3810 11060 10,000 Air Agitat
Standard Design

Inner shell of ss 304, insulation 100 mm thk of thermocole. Outer cladding of ss 304

All stiffeners for inner shell shall be of  IS 226


Tank can be fabricated for installation outside or inside. if furnished for outside installation, a stainless steel alcove opening into the processing area is available.
  • All controls necessary for operating the tank are  contained in the alcove
  • Flat pitched bottom construction with its network of bracing welded to bottom .
  • Tank can be equipped with mechanical agitation or air agitation.
  • Provision for mounting level transmitter.
  • Standard accessories will be outlet cum inlet valve, CIP spray ball, Man-way door with sampling cock, Dial type thermometer
Milk Weigh Bowl
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Constructional Features



1:8 towards the outlet (from three sides)


All welding joints are to be ground smooth and all s.s. surfaces to be polished to 150 grits

The Bowl

The bowl shall be fabricated from 2.0 mm thick s.s. 304 quality material. The top edges shall be bent outward. It should be suitable to be  suspended from the weigh scale

Outlet Valve

The outlet valve will be mechanically operated from the reading position. The valve will be complete with disc, gasket, s.s. chain for hanging  valve .
valve dia. 200 mm.for 300 L bowl


120   liter, 300 ltr. , 600 ltr

Milk Processing Equipment
Milk Processing Equipment
Milk Processing Equipment
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